Message from Castle Chambers

‘Remote Working’ Guidelines - CoVid-19 Working

During this public health emergency we at Castle Chambers  are, of course, following the firm instruction to work from home. We are pleased to have made a very successful and rapid transition to operating remotely but appreciate that our professional clients will face more significant challenges.  We are particularly mindful of those who are discharging professional responsibilities whilst caring for children or vulnerable adults.   

We are committed to working flexibly with you as we develop together new ways of working.

Our ‘remote working’ status is, of course, dependent on us receiving all instructions, papers and updates in electronic form.  We appreciate many  follow the requested approach already. 

If a single attachment is not possible please provide all relevant documents as attachments (or upload) in a single email. We are particularly concerned that emails attached to or embedded within other emails creates a real risk of papers being lost or overlooked.

If following the guidelines above is difficult at this time, and we do appreciate that for many working electronically is very new, please do contact one of the Clerks to discuss alternative arrangements.

If there is no alternative but to send papers in hard copy; please get in touch with one of our clerks to give us advance warning, so that appropriate arrangements can be made. 

Castle Chambers remains open for business –Our commitment to access to justice as a basic right is unwavering as is the dedication of our barristers to the interests of their clients, both professional and lay. Our staff will continue reliably to support our professional responsibilities.


Mark Kimsey

Head of Chambers