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Hannah Beer

Call : 2011


Personal profile


Hannah joined chambers in 2021.


Hannah is an accomplished defence barrister with a busy practice.


Hannah is meticulous in her attention to detail, her client care is described by those instructing her as “second to none”.   She has a great ability to adapt to any type of client (from a person with complex mental health issues to a highly educated business person) and case, (run of the mill theft to a complex conspiracy).   


Hannah has a great ability to remain calm and focused even in stressful situations and when placed under pressure.


Hannah’s legal arguments and drafting of documents are always clear and persuasive.  She often goes beyond the call of duty and would put the same amount of effort into the case no matter what the offence is.


Hannah is well regarded amongst instructing solicitors.  Hannah has particular expertise in defending vulnerable defendants.



Professional appointments


  • CPS Panel Advocate (Grade 2)



Notable cases


R v S (2023) Guildford CC- secured a suspended sentence for a defendant charged with PWITS Class A drugs.


R v S (2022) Southwark CC- led junior in conspiracy to commit human trafficking,  hung jury after 6 week trial.


R v M (2022)- Guildford Crown Court- following detailed defence statements and significant disclosure requests, Crown ONE shortly before trial for offences of sexual assault and ABH.


R v M (2022) Leicester Crown court- successfully mitigated for a community order for a “third strike burglar”.

R v P (2021)- Kingston Crown Court- Defending a vulnerable defendant in a conspiracy to supply class A drugs involving large amounts of cell site and ANPR evidence and the instruction of numerous defence experts.  Resulting in the Crown offering no evidence on the day of trial.


 R v O (2021) – Reading Crown Court- instructed as led junior in a shooting.


R v T- (2020) Woolwich CC- Defendant initially charged with section 18, following lengthy representations to the Crown they agreed to accept a plea to a section 20 wounding.  Following a guilty plea successfully obtained a suspended sentence for a defendant who was in possession of a knife and repeatedly stabbed a victim on a bus in a gang related incident.  


R v J-(2020)- Harrow Crown Court- Young vulnerable female charged with attempted section 18 following a stabbing. Following significant negotiations with the Crown, they agreed to accept a plea to attempted ABH. Client was on a suspended sentence at the time of the offence and was sentenced to another suspended sentence. 


R v P-(2020)-Isleworth Crown Court- section 18 stabbing where defendant was named by 2 witnesses as being the assailant. Following drafting of a lengthy and detailed defence statement, the Crown offered no evidence 


R v F (2019)– Harrow Crown Court- successfully argued “exceptional circumstances” and secured a suspended sentence for a 5 year minimum term firearms offence.



R v B-(2017)- Reading Crown court- acquittal of young vulnerable defendant charged with section 20 GBH following lengthy cross examination of the complainant and three eye witnesses. 



R v B-Reading Crown Court- Secured acquittal for man accused of chasing his daughter down the road waving a large machete following lengthy cross examination of 5 eye witnesses. 


R v S-(2016)-Reading Crown Court- Secured an acquittal for young man charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs. A large amount of class A drugs were found in a hotel room. Painstaking review of a large amount of CCTV footage yielded evidence of significant value. The co-defendant was found guilty and was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment 



R v D- (2016) -Kingston Crown Court- case was withdrawn from the jury and not guilty verdicts entered, following successful half time submission in a case of PWITS class A. 


 R v Y(2015)-Reading Crown Court- successfully secured an acquittal for 3rd strike burglar who was found in recent possession of stolen items and identified by eye witnesses as being involved in the burglary


R v LC-(2015)- Reading Crown Court- secured an acquittal of a defendant seen on CCTV and identified as being involved in a number of serious assaults following a drunken night out. 


R v A (2014)- Harrow Crown Court- Acquittal of a trades man accused of causing in excess of £30,000 worth of damage to the house of a customer following a civil dispute regarding payment.


R v B-(2014)-Isleworth Crown Court- successful half time submission in a case of dwelling burglary 


R v JS-(2014)-Harrow Crown Court- successful half time submission made and the case withdrawn from the jury in a case alleging ABH


 R v M (2013)- St Albans Crown Court- successfully mitigated for a community order for a “third strike” burglar.

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