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Justin Bearman

Criminal Prosecution


Justin is a Grade 4 CPS prosecutor as well as being on the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Panel.


I have prosecuted all types of serious sexual offences over the past 18 years ranging from straightforward allegations of sexual assault to multi handed gang rape cases. I have dealt with cases involving very young children (ages of 5 upward) to elderly victims, which has enabled me to develop an adaptive and flexible approach to the prosecution of cases over the full spectrum. Many of these cases have involved offences both current and historic, with known suspects and stranger allegations.I have a great deal of experience in dealing with cases involving drug/alcohol induced rape, campaigns of rape in domestic settings, cases involving high levels of media attention and cases in which extremely vulnerable and mentally incapacitated complainants have given evidence. I am highly computer literate which has enabled me, in cases involving ABE interviews, to edit evidence at short notice avoiding adjournments and distress to complainants. I have been instructed on many occasions to provide pre charge advices to assist in the London Rasso Unit backlog which I turn around quickly to avoid any delays.I am also available at short notice to prepare pre-charge advices having done many in the past.


  • R V SKELTON- Secured the conviction of another Priest involved in the St Benedicts School Ealing prosecutions.
  • R v CARTER - Secured the conviction of an Anglican Priest in relation to sexual abuse of children over 50 years ago. This case represents the oldest historic abuse conviction currently recorded.
  • R V M SINCLAIR  (rape conviction based on mobile phone recording)
  • R V E YOUNG  (multiple rape allegations within a “battered wife” marraige)
  • R v J BHARATIA (historic child abuse within strict Indian family.
  • I have prosecuted both multi-handed and single defendant OFFENCES ranging across the whole spectrum of violence and public order offences. This has included prosecutions of attempted murder, S18 offences and multi handed public order cases involving riots and large scale violent disorder.
  • I have conducted many cases involving large scale drug operations resulting in the arrest of numerous defendants and co-ordinating the smooth and effective prosecutions of those involved.