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Christopher Carey

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Christopher Carey

Christopher Carey

Criminal Prosecution


Christopher now devotes the majority of his practice to criminal prosecution and is frequently instructed in cases involving vulnerable or frightened witnesses due to his ability to calm and assist such individuals. As an advocate Christopher is able to take novel points and quickly adapt to developments in a case.

Recent cases include:

  • R v L H: Conviction after trial of a defendant for robbery in a case where it was accepted that the defendant was not physically present using the principles of joint enterprise and extended appropriation.
  • R v H.D.: Cash in transit robbery investigated by the Flying Squad. Defendant convicted after to confessing in full to the offence under cross examination.
  • R v LenusRosil: Violent robbery in the home of an 82 year old lady where the only evidence was the presence of a movable object and the forensic evidence was contested. Convicted after trial.
  • R v Rama Stua: Series of 6 “follow out” robberies from banks with the evidence founded entirely on cell site evidence. Convicted after trial on all contested counts.